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EGO Movement is a Swiss brand focused on changing urban mobility to a sustainable, affordable and stylish journey with their e-bikes. As the brand’s lead agency, we are supporting EGO Movement on their journey by developing the brand identity and marketing strategy.

Even though EGO Movement has only been on the scene since 2015, they have already achieved what many other producers of e-bikes haven’t: Combining technology with first-class design.

With the campaign we conceived for EGO Movement we wanted to show a wider audience what the brand is about: A powerful and fun alternative to long and dull journeys by car or on public transport, that also happens to be stylish and affordable… Because style is just a matter of your EGO!


FOUNDRY is founded on an entrepreneurial spirit which drives us forward in our quest to create extraordinary and meaningful marketing and branding concepts that will stand the test of time. We invest in new technology, innovation and implementation of the highest quality in order to develop relevant and captivating brand content, and help support new brands on the road to success from day one. We think channel-neutral and focus on amazing storytelling, brand aesthetics and ideas that encourage dialogue and get right to the heart of the target group.

FOUNDRY is an international team of designers, digitalists, advertisers, trend researchers and strategists that are united by two things: they are committed to exciting partnerships with brands and products across the world and are fascinated by things that add value. We love developing visions with other companies, working with them every step of the way and throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into every process. Our motto speaks for itself: Inspiring business