Grill Sheriff

Branding / Strategy / Campaign

Grill Sheriff

The SHERIFF is back in town with a brand new look. FOUNDRY provides strategy, consulting and design for GRILL SHERIFF, a company founded in Switzerland by two passionate BBQ experts that offers a wide range of grilling products and services.

We also developed an online shop that features 700 products and opportunities to sign up for their popular grill courses and events, as well as a blog for all the BBQ aficionados. 

Their website now reflects everything the brand has to offer in a clear and easily navigable way.

We also developed the subscription-based magazine, Flaming Star, a quarterly magazine with information on events, offers, trends and new and original BBQ recipes. As part of Grill Sheriff’s new social media presence, we launched how-to videos on their YouTube channel.

We were also asked to come up with design and packaging ideas for their range of spices, and of course we were thrilled to help. The spices, ranging from the vegetarian blend “Dyna Mite’s”, to carefully selected BBQ mixes such as “Buffalo Bill’s,” “Jack of all Trade’s” and “John Greenhorn’s”, have been so well-received in Switzerland that we’re already thinking about the next product range.