Branding / Digital / Concept / Strategy / Retail / Campaign


Foundry gives a new name, a new face, and a new voice to the third largest cable provider, and one of the of the largest telcos in Germany. Being a company made up of many different regional companies across Germany, they felt it was time to consolidate all of these different entities into one. It was indeed time for a unified brand.

Based on continuous dialogue, together we started by defining the brand values: Performance, Simplicity, and Humanity.

We developed a new identity that would reflect the company’s transformation into a future focused brand, using a flexible visual system to make it easily adaptable to all applications within B2B and B2C.


This simple formula expressed in the brand’s name would also have to be expressed in the look and feel throughout all applications:


• Name • Logo • CI Guidelines • Business Cards and Stationery • Collateral Material • Brochures, publications, magazine • Website • Digital Content • Brand Videos • Store Design • Apparel • Trade Vehicles • Advertising Campaign • Strategy • Brand Positioning • Campaign Positioning • Signage

We used a flexible visual system to make it easily adaptable to a variety of applications throughout all the divisions spanning from B2B to B2C.

We also had the fun task to design their shops. A total of 82 all over Germany.


Not only did we design the look and feel, including materials, furniture, etc, but also the customer journey and all the digital content featured on all screens inside the store.

Foundry won the award for Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation Brand Strategy at the German Brand Award ’18.