Swiss Winter Wonderland

Digital / Concept / Marketing

Swiss Winter Wonderland

FOUNDRY and SWISS Airlines turned a grey and rainy London into a winter wonderland. As part of the Made in Switzerland winter campaign in the U.K, we created an untraditional and innovative marketing effort which turned the old Spitalfields Market into a winter wonderland playground

For 3 days, the 64 square meters setup was staged with real snow and pine trees surrounding a 2x3 meters digital screen with interactive technology such as unity 3-D real time engine and tracking devices.

The screen featured three Swiss guys on a sun-kissed, majestic alpine setting who teased and encouraged passersby to engage in a snowball fight with them.

All they had to do was throw snowballs at the actors on the screen, if the snowball hit one of the actors, the screen would sense it, giving the participant a score towards a prize.