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Initially, Katerina Belkina only asked us to design her website, but we quickly ended up collaborating on a bigger scale: FOUNDRY brought the award-winning artist to Switzerland for the first time ever and showcased a selection of her body of work at Photobastei Zurich. Her photographs will be on display from 15 September to 30 October 2016.

The winner of the prestigious Hasselblad Masters Award 2016 (category art) was present at the very well-received private view in Zurich to welcome the guests. Shortly after attending the private view she was already on her way to pick up the aforementioned prize.

Katerina Belkina paints with her camera. The combination of photography and her excellence in mastering digital techniques led her to win a number of prestigious awards, such as the Lucas Cranach Award (1st prize) of the eponymous foundation. In 2016, she won the MIFA Moscow International Award (1st prize) in two categories, and the Hasselblad Masters Award in the category Art (1st prize).

The exhibition at Photobastei will be presented in three series in September and October 2016: “Revival”, “Light and Heavy” and “Empty Spaces”. “Revival” is about giving human identity a godlike treatment.

Motherhood, spiritual growth, a twisted renaissance and the liberation of a hedonistic way of living are some of the featured topics. “Light and Heavy” shows an intense dialogue with urbanity. Samara, Belkina’s hometown in the Wolga region, provides an urban surrounding where, purportedly, the most beautiful women of the world live. “Empty Spaces”, the third series, describes the love and hate for Moscow’s power.

Artists of the 19th and 20th century have always been a source of inspiration for Katerina Belkina („Paint“ series, 2006). Regardless, her individual style always transcends.

At FOUNDRY we pride ourselves in partnering with extraordinary people, brands and products on a global scale. Together we shape their visions. The collaboration with the internationally renowned, award-winning artist Katerina Belkina proves that progressive agencies and clients need to keep a flexible and open-minded approach towards partnerships.

Katerina Belkina’s first exhibition in Switzerland took place in Zurich’s Photobastei gallery. She was introduced to the audience by Daniel Blockwitz, Curator of Photobastei and Sacha Moser, Founder and Creative Partner at FOUNDRY. The artist opened the informal part of the night by personally welcoming the guests.

THE WILD ALPS, our drinks sponsor, made sure all guests were perfectly entertained by providing us with delicious pear vodka and exquisite Morris dry gin. Peter and Theresia Angel, the founders of the spirits brand, were present to answer all questions regarding their products.

Representatives of the Russian embassy, several journalists and influencers, such as Darya von Bergen (Swiss Glam) and Julian Bohorquez (My Cosmic World) were also present at the event.

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